Welcome to HENEEL SHAH


Unlike most of my class mates, I knew even before I passed my tenth exams that if I must have a career it has to do something with designing.

Even as I did my graduation in Commerce, I kept thinking about various things that I should be designing. I decided on Diamonds. And my journey began…

I joined the renowned Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, California in 2010 to study Gemology and graduated top of my class. Then I decided to explore opportunities in India.

Last six years of my career have been extremely satisfying. Having honed my talent in designing, looking for people who are as creatively inclined, whose workmanship reflect finesse, for whom quality matters more than finishing a job. And I must say I have been lucky to have a team that I can be proud of.

Having designed and crafted jewellery for some of the foremost business families I am now more confident than ever.

“I promise, you will have many memorable moments in your life with my jewellery on… ”


At Reflexions we source only the best GIA, IGI , DGLA , HRD , certified diamonds and set them only in Hallmark Gold.

You have an option of customizing designs for making a masterpiece. When we create designs we keep in mind your nature, preferences, occasion of your purchase and many more aspects. So some of your personality elements are reflected in what you wear.

Even when you buy ready products from us we suggest only what will suit you. We even discourage you from buying on impulse what you may find less than your expectations later.